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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Exciting Year Ahead

Mommie and Daddie has my year all planned out. Looking at the activities - and if all goes well - i think it'll be real fun!

April - My first visit to the cinema. I heard they are taking me to watch Ice Age 2.

May- 5 of my friends from downunder are coming to town! We'll be watching them perform at the afternoon matinee on 27 May. Mommie managed to get us first row seats (my only hope is that the stage will not be too high)! ......... 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi 5!

June - School Term begins. Mommie has been procrastinating for too long. Finally, she has made up her mind, and looks like i'll be starting school in June. I'm psyching myself for this coz i heard that mommie cannot be in school with me and i have to learn to be independent.

July - Fatty Gramps, Mommie and Mighty Mouth heads to Japan for summer holidays! Ok, i'm really looking forward to this. Mommie says she's taking me to the "Happiest Place on Earth" - Disneyland. I'll get to meet Mickey and Minnie again - and this time without their ice skates on.

August- Off to the Zoo. Daddie and Mommie redeemed their Shell escape points for 6 months zoo membership. Whoppi... that means i can go to the zoo for as many times as i like once we receive the card, till the end of the year! Hmm.. I shall ask Postman Pat, if he has seen a letter address to me from the kind people at the Zoo.

October / November - Daddie's planning for a big family holiday to Xiamen in China. This trip is a little challenging coz we are hoping that Auntie Su Ann, Auntie Su Ping, Uncle Alan, Jiejie Nikkolette, Ah Kong and Ah Mak can come along too. Ah Kong doesn't allow Daddie to leave the office for too long.. so it will have to a short but sweet holiday. Am keeping my little digits crossed... hope that our "inaugural" Khor family trip materialises :)


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