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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Storytelling and a book

After Julia Gabriel class today, Mommie and Indogal brought me to a really huge bookshop (they call Borders) to listen to a storytelling. It was a story about 5 chinese brothers. I was so captivated by the story, i listened intently and didn't move an inch for the entire 20 mins!

As for mommie, something else caught her attention. It was a book called "Grandpa's Briefcase" which was placed on the shelf right opposite where we were seated. Mommie bought it and it is the best book i've even read (with mommie's help, of course)! The book is really fun, with lots of activities and pull out gadgets. I'll recommend this book to all my little friends, anytime. Hmm... I can't wait for Ah Kong to come by tomorrow to show him the book . I wonder if he carry the same items in his briefcase!

Teacher Sam told mommie that there is a second book in this series titled "Granny's Purse". Mommie, can you buy me that, please?


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