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Hi! My name is Joey. You can call me Pudge or Mighty Mouth if you like. In this Blog, i will share with you my life experiences as a little human being. Sit back, relax and enjoy. With Love and Kisses Joey Khor

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Freedom of Speech

I Know Fastfood Better Than You
Daddie: Joey, would you like some chips?
Joey: (looking perturbed). No Daddie. These are not chips, they are french fries.

Baby Bop and Me
Mommie: Joey, how old are you?
Joey: 3 years old.
Mommie: No Joey, you are only 2 and a half.
Joey: No! I am 3! Just like Baby Bop!

Threats Don't Work!
Daddie: (waving his finger) Joey, you must not take Barney out of the house.
Joey: No! I must!
Daddie: Ok. But if you drop Barney on the floor, i will have to throw it away.
Joey: Then you have to buy me a new one!

Excuses, Excuses
Daddie: Joey, can you walk on your own, please
Joey: No!
Mommie: Good little girls must walk on their own.
Joey: No! I am lazy bumble bee!

Mommie Taught Me Well?
Daddie: Joey, what is Daddie's name?
Joey: Slow poke! ( From the corner of my eyes, i can see mommie grinning from ear to ear!)


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