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Monday, June 12, 2006

School Excursion to the Zoo

My 1 week of school at Julia Gabriel includes a trip to the Zoo. Although we visit the Zoo quite often, it is the 1st time i'm visiting it with all my little friends. We held hands and toddled around the Zoo together. Although there was a thunderstorm (again!!), it didn't dampen our mood at all. We braved the rain by travelling in a tram and waited at a picnic area for the rain to go away. Our prayers were answered - the rain stopped just about the same time we finished our breakfast.

We said hello to 3 different spicies of monkeys before trooping across the road to watch the elephant show. The show was spectacular and i've learnt so much more about elephants after the show. For one, the elephants could paint just like me!

The other children had to go back with the school bus but Zoie and Rayna stayed back with me to tour the zoo a little more. We met a friendly kangaroo who hopped out of his enclosure and we took turns to pat it on it's back.

Before we headed home, we had one last bit of fun riding on the choo choo train. While chugging down the tracks, we sang "Down on Grandpa's Farm" when we saw black and white cows, a great big pig and some little yellow ducks.

G'Day Mate!

Me, Rayna and Zoie. All raring to go into the zoo

That's Sam and Me!


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