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Sunday, June 11, 2006

My First Day in School

I started my first day of school at Julia Gabriel with excitement. Mommie has taken 1 week off from work to take me to school. School was fun! I got to paint elephants and monkeys... I even made a musical mobile all by myself.

To my dismay, mommie says that lessons at Julia Gabriel is only for a week. She said it's a "taster" of school life for me (whatever that means). I hear that i will be going to a REAL school at the end of June. I hope i'll enjoy the new school as much as i did at Julia Gabriel.

Here are some cool memories of my 1st day at school.

Daddie's sending me to school on my 1st day

Playtime - My friends Rayna and Zoie are in the same class as I am

I love school!


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