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Friday, May 26, 2006

Zoo Is A Fun Place To Be

Life has never been the same again ever since Daddie and Mommie received a card from the kind people at the Zoo. With the card, we could go in and out of the zoo as and when we please. Trooping down the zoo is now a weekly family affair coz there is something for everyone.

Mommie loves the big spacious playground and playpool - she claims that it's the best place to cool off on a hot and humid afternoon.

Daddie loves the fried chicken at KFC. He swears that the outlet at the Zoo serves the yummiest fried chicken in the whole of Singapore! I only hope the chicken didn't come from the Zoo!

As for ME, there're so much i love about the Zoo. It's a new experience with each visit! I like the polar bears enclosure most. The bears are so white and fluffy, i wish i could cuddle them.

Interesting conversations at the Zoo

Mommie: "Joey, what does the lion feed on?"
ME: "Zebra"!

Daddie: "Joey, what do you call the young of a Kangeroo?"
Me: "Joey"


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