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Saturday, April 15, 2006

We Are Singing In The Rain

We had no where to go on Easter Friday as it was raining cats and dogs. BUT in order to keep us (mommie was particularly restless) entertained, Daddie came up with a great idea... we pretended to be storm chasers! So, we put on our storm chasing gear and bravely headed out onto the streets of Singapore in seach of the big big floods!

We had a good start.. our carpark was flooded up to daddie's ankles. We couldn't even get into our car without first having to trudge through the waters. "It's a raging river out there" squealed Mommie excitedly. The adults happily kicked water to test their slip resistant crocs (it works - they said).

Next, we wanted to try out the 4WD capabilities of our car. We found the perfect location - the road outside the railway station - which had a huge puddle of water. Daddie sped through the puddle creating a giant splash! We were so excited, we went round and did it again a few more times.

Daddie wanted to look try out Singapore's most flooded areas, but unfortunately we could find none. We tried Havelock road and low lying areas like Lower Delta but by the time we reached there, the rain has stopped and water receded.

Mommie read in the papers that East Coast was badly affected by the floods. Her eyes gleemed when she saw on TV that the water level was so high it stalled many cars! Now, we know where we can go the next time the big rain comes again.

My folks are upset that it didn't rain today although they see dark clouds looming above.. Let's hope the rain comes again tomorrow so the Trio Storm Chasers can get into action again.
Getting Ready for our 1st Storm Chasing Mission All decked out in our rain gear
Check out the water level Our carpark has turned into a raging river


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