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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Outwit, Outlast, Outplay

Outwit, Outlast, Outplay.. In my opinion, these are essential survivor skills that every kid must posses. Let me give you a scenario of how such skills will come in real handy...

I was home with Fatty Gramps and we both wanted to watch our own shows. She wanted to watch her Korean drama (i think it's boring) while i insisted on watching my diego DVDs (she thinks it's boring)

To fob me off, she brought out my Kelly book and read a page on Pajamas Time. She said,"Ok Joey, you must sleep now. Like kelly, a good girl."

I quickly opened a flap which showed sunshine and told Fatty Gramps,"No! It's not time to sleep yet. See the sun? It's morning!"

Fatty gramps immediately launched a "counter-attack" by opening another flap which showed a crescent moon and stars, and she said,"Joey, you are wrong. Look, i can see the moon and stars. So it's night time. Now, go to sleep"

To which i replied, "No... this is not night time.. This is the.... SINGAPORE FLAG!"

Yay! I won and so i got to watch my DVD. To make Fatty Gramps feel better, i offered to let her have her turn after i finished my DVD.

Outlast and Outplay

After 1 run of the DVD, i begged for another round, and then another... by the time i had enough and wanted to let Fatty Gramps have her turn to watch her DVDs, she was already fast asleep!


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