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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Visit to Night Safari

Daddie, Mommie and I visited the night safari last Saturday. It was the first time i've been to a night zoo. After the visit, I think i still prefer the zoo in daylight coz I can see the animals better and clearer.

Thankfully, the night was breezy and the queues weren't too long. We got onto the tram after waiting just 15 mins. The tram ride was pretty enjoyable coz some animals came really close to the our tram.

Observing the surroundings of the night safari and the throngs of tourists at the entrance,

Mommie commented: "Look at the number of tourists. This place sure don't feel like Singapore...."
Daddie:"Then where does it feel like?"
Before mommie could continue, i answered:"It feels like the Zoo!"

(Afternote: Mommie's intended answer was "It feels like overseas!")


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