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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Going to the Zoosey Zoo

On our way to the zoo last sat, the sky threatened to pour on us.

Hey! After waiting 1 whole week for this outing, the last thing we want is for the rain to pour on us and quash our plans. As a desperate measure, Michelle, Isabel and I resorted to some unorthodox methods to try and chase the rain away. First we tried blowing real hard... but, it didn't work. Then, we started made scary faces and noises, hoping to scare the clouds away - AND... it didn't work either. So our final resort was to chant "rain, rain go away! rain, rain go away" and guess what? It's worked! The rain stopped just as we got into the carpark. Hooray!!

We trooped in to the zoo like cheerful bouncing beans with only 1 target in mind.... the children's playground! There, we had a splashing good time blasting water at each other. Then, we stormed to the playground conquering it like it belonged to us. And, after a quick shower at the really stinky toilet, we dived into the bubble bowl, "swimming" amidst the balls, staging a shark attack!

We were famished after our hearty play and wolfed down buckets of chicken, cheese fries and milo! The meal was real satisfying... yummmm. (side note: daddie claims that the KFC here is the best in singapore!) By the time we filled up our tummies, it was already 6pm and the zoo was preparing to close.

But hey!! We've not seen enough animals yet. So, the three of us have decided that we shall make a return trip to the zoo this sat! *ehh... i am already hearing protests from daddie and mommie.

(Pictures coming soon)


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