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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Hey guys, i'm back from my holiday in Hong Kong and Macau.

There're so much to tell you, it'll take pages and pages if i detail everything here. So i'm just gonna summarize some of the interesting places, food and people i experienced during this 7 days holiday.


I think Hongkong has the yummiest food on earth (at least to me). Mommie and Fatty gramps said they've never seen me eat so much before. I chomped down bowls of rice, baskets of dim sum (char siew soh, especially) and the vegetables and fruits are oh..soo... fresh!! I asked for kailan every meal and munch them like carrot sticks - yum! Fatty Gramps went to their local morning market and carted back trays of my favourite blue berries.

Mommie's cousin also brought us to Tai-O for vegetarian food. The journey there was truly ardous, with mommie and me feeling sick thoughout the car ride which went round and round the mountain. But when we sank our teeth into the yam fish and fried vegetable rolls, all the suffering was well worth it coz the food was really good and cheap. I wanna go back there for more! more! more!

Just some of the dishes we had. Too much good food, no time for pictures

This is the restuarant we went to

That's me chomping on a stalk of hongkong kailan

When in Hongkong and Macau, you can't miss their renowed Tong Shui. Found this little dessert outlet at Langham Place just next to our hotel and the walnut paste was excellent! Then in Macau, Auntie Su-ann brought us to this little inconspicious tong shui shop and it was here, i tasted the best mango sago - just thinking of it makes me drool. The touhua that mommie ordered was smooth as silk - so yummy, she downed 2 bowls of them even though she was complaining that she was stuffed after dinner. Well, i guess the myth that there is always a different stomach for desserts is true!!

Enjoying a nice dessert with Auntie Su-Ann

touhua smooth as silk

Walnut paste at Langham Place


My favourite has got to be the happiest place on earth - Disneyland. I absolutely love this disneyland coz it's small and i get to go on as many rides as i want - 10 to be exact! I know mommie will not agree though. She kept complaining that it's the worst disneyland she's been to. And daddie, hmmm... he said it's a condemned disneyland but the size is just right for a kid my age. My favourite show was the Disney Philamagic - you need to wear special glasses to watch this show. We spent 1 and half day here and it was hardly enough. I want more!!

Breakfast with the Characters

Waiting for the parade to start

Queuing for a ride

Another nice place for kids is the Ocean Park, there i got to see many ocean creatures up close. There are jellyfish, sharks, funny face fish, squids, dolphins and seals. We were very lucky to be one of the first visitors to witness the new ocean park show. I enjoyed the show tremendously and will be teaching my new pet stuffed toy pink dolphin a couple of tricks i learnt from this show

Up close with a jelly fish

The dolphin performance

Look who came to lunch with us.

The worst tourist attraction we went for was the Ngong Ping 360 cable car ride. We were stuck in the queue for 1 whole hour, all because of a major technical glitch, during which the cable cars start and stop, start and stop. People cheered when the cable cars started moving, only to boo when it stopped a few seconds later.

See my review here
Video to be uploaded shortly


This must be mommie's favourite activity - her equivalent to disneyland. Her favourite? Gotta be the 4 stories H&M at Central and the factory outlets at Citigate. I got really bored shopping and daddie kindly took me to disneyland while the ladies shopped till they drop.

Loot from H&M

Family Time

One of the main purpose of this trip is for me to visit my Hongkong cousins (Background - I was given a choice of Tokyo or Hongkong for this holiday and i chose Hong Kong coz i wanted to see my cousins again). We had lots of fun playing together and just hanging around. Don't ask me how we communicate when they can't speak english and i can't speak cantonese. If you don't already know, Play is an universal language ;)

With my hongkong cousins


More of my cousins

For daddie and mommie, they wanted to visit Auntie Su-Ann who's working in Macau. She brought us around macau and i think the nicest part of macau is the venetian - though it was a pity we didn't get to ride on the gondola. My memories of macau - Dog poo all over the road like land mines, Mommie's memories - Macaurians are the rudest and crudest pple she ever met. Daddie's memories - Smokers' paradise, if people there don't die from smoking, then they will probably die of 2nd hand smoke. If you ask them, they probably won't wanna go back to macau again - save for visiting our dear auntie su-ann.

Ah Ma was in macau too

Inside the venetian


There're a lot more to say but you are probably bored from reading this now... so let the pictures do the talking... More pictures of our trip can be found here


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