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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Reaching a new milestone

I have to put this on record. On 19 September 2008, i reached a new milestone in life.. I've learnt to swim independently without any swimming aids.

Daddie is convinced that the credit should go to the Konfidence swimming vest he invested in, while Mommie thinks that all credit should go to Uncle John, my swimming coach.. As for me, it's obvious that i deserve all the credits myself!

I took on a dare from my classmates. When they teased that i was the slowest learner and the smallest in class, i decided to prove them all wrong by taking the plunge (literally!). I threw myself into the water and paddled furiously with all my might... and before i even know it, i was.... *gasp* swimming!

Here's a clip of my attempts at swimming, taken yesterday at swimming lessons.


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