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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Odyssey

School's been great and I'm loving everyday of it.

Isabella and Me presenting "In the Barrio" to the class as shared reading. In the Barrio’ is a story that focuses on the community that surrounds the protagonist. He observes the many interesting and peculiar things that are around him and describes them in vivid colour and in his Mexican flavour. We then compared and contrasted the barrio in the reader to our community in the Odyssey. We decided to create a book about our campus and named it ‘In the Odyssey.’ Each picture in this book was taken by us and we used words to explain the picture and how we feel about our ‘barrio’ in the Odyssey

Learning graph the fun way. We have a big floor graph!

This lesson was on Talking Tess ('t') and Golden Girl ('g') at the end of words. We practised auditory discrimination.

Each group used a piece of fabric of our choice to express the movements, pace and tempo of the song. Four music genres were used, namely instrumental, R&B, techno and classical, so we can express and explore each musical characteristic. For my group, it was Pachebel's Cannon.

During the past 4 weeks, we had been involved in a project on two staircases in our campus environment. We set out looking for the best way to create the arrows to indicate the directions for the correct way to walk up and down the stairs safely. We researched books and used the computer to look for signs and arrows they can best employ for the task.

Decorating our staircase


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