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Sunday, April 26, 2009

B for Bakerzin

I attended a bakerzin baking class for kids last saturday with Sarah, BJ and Dawson. The one hour spent on baking was nothing less than F-U-N! We got to bake a Devil's Food cake which we decorated with icing, strawberries and mashmallows. Each of us also brought home an apron, a chef's hat, a certificate and a photo of us - the little bakers - at work. Mommie and Daddie found it is a miracle that all the cakes turned out so well. YES.... it's totally edible and lo and behold... YUMMY too!

Anyone who wants the recipe can drop my mommie or daddie an email. It's easy to bake and a guaranteed success!

I'm going to let you in on a "secret".......... Shhh.. dun tell anyone..... I'm gonna be having my birthday party at Bakerzin this year! Oohh.... I'm so looking forward to more baking fun with my friends this December :)..

P4180297That's me creaming butter.

More pictures of our baking adventure here.


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