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Saturday, April 18, 2009

China wow!

We are back from our 1st holiday of the 2009. This time, we headed north to China - Chengdu and Jiuzhaigou to be exact.

It was a wonderful wonderful trip! We had everything in our favour. The good weather, the pleasure of good company, the extremely favourable exchange rate AND i even witnessed the birth of little fishes!

I had a little episode of motion sickness but that did not mar my snowy experience. We prayed for snow, and snow it did! I had a great time snowflake fishing. Since the tour guide claimed that the air is fresh and there's no pollution. I gamely stuck out my tongue and tasted the freshest snow from the sky. Mommie and I imagined that the snow came in assorted flavors. She savoured the "durian" flavoured snow while i preferred "strawberries" Yummy!

There were lots of highlights and if i were to put everything in writing, it will be ten thousand pages long ;P

So here's a snapshot of all the good stuff we did:-

1) Snowplay at Huanglong and Jiuzhaigou
2) Cute pandas at Panda reserves. I saw red pandas and discovered to my amusement that the baby pandas drink the same fomular milk as my baby sister!
3) Beautiful scenery of Jiuzhaigou (i stuck my hands into the water.. and it's really cold!)
4) Returned home with a glorious collection of chinese educational DVDs and books!
5) Totally captivated by 2 cultural performances.
6) Learnt about weaving cloth
7) Saw my fish gave birth to 6 little fishes.

Mommie has uploaded the pictures here.

Thanks to Auntie Angela, our tour mate who did this little strip for me. Do i really look like Dora?


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