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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Drama Mama Mighty Mouth 101

Lately, i've been thinking of writing a book. I've decided to title it "Mighty Mouth's Secret Book of Monkey Tricks" (not available in stores yet). Here's an abstract from my first work of literature.

Chapter 10 - Throwing Tantrums the Mighty Mouth Way (Methods that guarentees instant attention from adults)

Method 1: The Cliff Hanger

Instructions: Lean precariously close to the edge of bed, pretend that you will fall off anytime.
Tip from the Guru: When using this method, you have to keep 98% of your body on the bed and only stick part of your head out (this way, you will never fall off but will certainly scare the daylight out of your daddie and mommie).

Chances of success - 100%!! Guaranteed to have Daddie and Mommie scrambling to your rescue.


Method 2 : The Rolling Crying Pin

Instructions : Easy! Just wail, scream, kick and roll.... Do everything you can to create the biggest din. Compliment this method by sprawling your body across the floor (roll all around the room if space permits)

Tip from the Guru : Be sure to have a mattress around before you start. It's more comfortable to sprawl and roll on a mattress than on the cold hard floor. Trust me, i'm speaking from experience!

Chances of Success: 80%. It is important to choose a good position where you are at plain sight of Daddie and Mommie. Should use this method only once in a while coz the adults somehow become immune to the noise level after sometime.

Method 3 : The Breathless Babe

Instructions: Find a nice fluffy pillow and bury your face in it . Make sure your cries are muffled and you must sound as if you have difficulty breathing. If possible, pretend to turn BLUE.

Tip from the Guru: It is important to leave a gap somewhere between the pillow to prevent any accidental mishaps. Remember, this is only an act, always be cautious and take safety measures.

Chances of Success - 60%. This method is dangerous and your cries can be quite muffled. The adults may not be able to hear you especially if the TV is on!


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