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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Eventful September

September is barely over but it felt like a really long month especially with Mommie and Daddie packing my weekends with countless activities.

Week 1 - My First Close Encounter With The Sharks

Mommie organised her company's Family Day at Sentosa. I was hoping to ride the Cable Car again but despite my protests, Daddie drove across the bridge instead.

It was at Sentosa that I discovered my greatest fear..... SAND! I hate the feeling of it getting into my dainty sandles and being caught between my little tootsies. I flatly refused to step onto the beach!

Evening was better, we went to the underwater world... I was truly awed by the myraid of fish swimming overhead.... my favourite marine animal has got to be the "Jelly Fish" coz it sounds so yummy! Hmmp, I shall ask Indogal to make me some jelly fish (mommie prefers to call it agar agar) for dessert someday.

Week 2 - Bye Bye Merp, Till We Meet Again

Merp is going home. I wonder if i will see her again. Gong Gong promised to bring her back in a couple of years time. I hope Gong Gong will keep to his promise coz i really enjoy playing with Merp (I especially like poking on the mole under her right eye). Meanwhile, it's bye bye Merp, i will be missing you lots!

Hmm. Ah Mah hasn't introduced me to her new maid. She better be nice to me or i'll bite!

Week 3 - Lantern Safari with Sponge Bob

The highly anticipated Lantern show was a flop and disappointment. It was nothing like the one i went to last year where i got to see lots of cartoon charaters. What greeted me at this year's show was all blood and gore! I saw animals tearing each other apart... i am so traumatized.

The only highlight for the evening was a spongebob balloon which mommie bought to pacify and cheer me up.


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