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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I'm a JWT Gymkid

I'm finally enrolled in a school where everyone is happy :)

I'm HAPPY because - Gym sessions are really fun! Loads of Tumbling, Crawling, Hanging, Song and Dance.

Daddie's HAPPY because - Auntie Veronica's cafe is right downstairs... so while mommie and I sweat it out at the gym (Yes! It's more of a workout for mommie than for me), he gets to enjoy his weekend cuppa soup in peace and quiet.

Mommie's HAPPY because - My lessons are now on Saturday noon. That means she gets to watch TV the whole of Sunday!

Me and CY, handsome or not?I see light at the end of the tunnel

Walking the plank. Are there sharks out there?Hello! Anybody there?


At 6:21 PM , Blogger Astro said...

Whao Joey you look so cute doing the catwalk. I want to go to JWT gym also but mummy is not really for it :)
Mummy bought any new toys for you lately?

At 8:59 PM , Blogger Joey Khor Jia En said...

Hi Ryan,

No new toys... mommie has run out of ideas what to buy for me.. But i saw her buying a big sit on crane for her friend's son... i want one too!!


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