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Monday, June 26, 2006

What 26 June 2006 means to me and Daddie

26 June marks an unforgettable date for Daddie and Me.

For me, it was the first day of proper school. The first thing i noticed was that unlike Julia Gabriel, this school allows all the children to run around without socks! The activities were overwhelming. There was painting, storytelling, songs, snacks, chinese and more.... But the part which i hated most today was sleeping time. There was so much to explore, I could hardly fall asleep. Teacher Diana had to read a couple of books to coax me to sleep. Overall, school was fun and i didn't need mommie or daddie to be keep me company at all! I'm looking forward to another brand new day at school tomorrow :)

For Daddie, 26/06/2006 didn't bode too well. On his way home from court, a big lorry rammed into Daddie's car and the entire boot compartment caved in. Ah Kong was in the car and he swore that the collision was so loud, it sounded like an explosion! Thankfully, no one was hurt.. but daddie was heartbroken because his less than 1 year old car is so badly damaged.

Daddie says we wouldn't be able to use the car for at least a week while it is in the workshop... BUT, hey! This doesn't sound too bad, coz that means i will be taking the Bus and Train a lot more! Hooray!


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