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Sunday, July 02, 2006

A Match Made in Heaven

Bright and early in the morning, while mommie was still snoring away, Daddie and I were already wide awake and busying ourselves in preparation for Uncle Mark and Auntie Audrey's wedding. Daddie was the Best Man for the wedding... i couldn't understand what becoming a Best Man entails but in my eyes, Daddie has always been the BEST man!

Uncle Mark is very special to Daddie, Mommie and me. He was the one who witnessed Daddie and Mommie's solemisation and was the first person to visit me on the day that i was born! Oh! My first stuffed toy was from him too! His wedding really meant alot to us and we are truly happy to be able to contribute and be part of it :)

Back at church, the adults were singing songs i have never heard before. So i tried persuading them to sing some "universal" songs which i thought would appeal to both adults and children alike. I started crooning away with songs like "B-I-N-G-O" and "Old Mac Donald had a farm". Unfortunately (or fortunately for Uncle Mark and Auntie Audrey), that Mommie of mine was unappreciative of my singing "initiatives". She dragged me out of the church and wouldn't allow me back in unless i promised to stop singing.

To distract me from creating further "havoc", Mommie decided to let me take charge of photography. I took many pictures but only a few turned out well. And there was one which mommie thought was really well taken. So here it is... what do you say?


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