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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Adding to the Haze with sparklers

Much of our time was spent at home during the mid autumn festival. We were suppose to take a walk in the park last friday after mommie's school but Daddie decided to cancel it because he complained that the haze was choking him. Naturally, i was disappointed. I was looking forward to take my lanterns for a walk.

Then came Saturday, Kendra and Edythe were invited to our house to play. Yay! I love their company. My big break came when Uncle Mike and Daddie decided to go to Uncle Philip's house to fix their knees and ankles after dinner. Once the coast was clear, we quickly grabbed our lanterns and sneaked downstairs to play despite the haze. I haven't been outdoor much since the haze set in, so i seized this opportunity to "conquer"the playground too.

We were "caught" when daddie and uncle mike came home sooner than expected. Thankfully, Daddie wasn't upset with me and even started chasing me around the playground!.... I guess he's resigned to the fact that "If you can't beat them, join them!"

The "Hazy" Trios

It's my first time playing with sparklers

Auntie Christabelle and Me, playing with lanterns on Sunday

I have 2 lanterns Laipo and Me

Adding to the haze?

Bye! I had a great time!
Daddie joining me in the haze Oh No! Daddie's stuck in the chute!


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