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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Surrendering Playclub Membership

Today's my last lesson with the playclub. Mommie and Daddie feels that I'm too old for the class and honestly, I can see that too coz most of my classmates are way younger than me. I do feel a tinge of sadness when Sam handed me my playclub pass.... she said i wouldn't need it anymore and should pin it up on the wall for memory sake. Yes! I'll miss Sam and Yuan Yuan laoshi.. i've always looked forward to Saturdays because it's Julia Gabriel day!

Next term, i will still be attending Julia Gabriel, except that i'll be in the Stepping Stones programme which my folks say i'll fit in better. Sam's stepping stone class is full so i can't be part of her class. As a matter of fact, all the english stepping stone classes are filled. I've been enrolled in the chinese class instead and will wait another term for a vacancy in the english class.

Well, i guess i'll still see my favourite teachers around..... but it's a pity i won't be in their class though.

Circle Time. Lots of fun music and dance!

Giant Xylophone

Sam! My favourite English teacher

Yuan Yuan laoshi and Ling laoshi. I always enjoy their puppetry and drama

Sam drew this for me.

Artist at work.

Food for the end of term party

Daddy tries to attend all of the classes with me Having Fun!

Ingredients for sandwiches Popo helping to prepare sandwiches for the party

My classmates from studio 1 and 2 Daddy dressing up as a turtle. This shell was made by Sam herself.


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