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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Who Says We Shouldn't Play with Food?

I woke up this morning filled with anticipation. I've been waiting all week for Saturday to come coz Mommie has promised me a lesson on "Pancake Art". We are going to make some pancakes, cut them into different shapes and sizes, then gobble all up.

Mommie thinks this is fun and not wasteful coz i get to play with REAL food (i'm tired of plasticky toy food) and whatever is left can be fed to Daddie as breakfast. How perfect! Mmmm.. I think pancakes are such a delight. Not only are they nice to eat but they're fun to play with too!

First, you place the cookie cutter over the pancake Then, you press it real hard. I'll recommend using both hands to do this
There you have it! A pancake tree Dip it in yummy maple syrup. If you prefer it sweeter, try soaking it in syrup just like I did.
"Now you see it..... Now you Don't!"
A thumb's up in gd ole' Mighty Mouth fashion! Trust me. Pancakes are fun to play and nice to eat. Hey Mommie, shall we do it again?


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