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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Welcome to the War Zone!

Mommie had to go to school on Sunday and Indogal has gone out shopping with her friends. That leaves Daddie and Mighty Mouth spending the entire Sunday together.

Daddie and I were having a good time relaxing at home until Mommie came home from school and kicked up a commotion. Well apparently, she was shocked by the sight that "welcomed" her. She couldn't believe that:-

1) Daddie and I had turned into Couch Potatoes. Big TV for Senior, and a small TV for Junior.

2) We've turned the Osim Foot Massager into a bookshelf of sorts. Except that if I hit the right buttons, all the books will start vibrating! Cool!

3) The house looked like a warzone with toys strewn all over!

4) "What's this bucket of coins doing in the bathroom!?" - Daddie and I swore that the soundwaves from mommie's booming voice are as deadly as a nuclear bomb!

Do you think she'll believe us if we say we are only trying to create a rainbow in the bathroom and this is the pot of gold at the end of it?


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