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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Celebrating Children's Day

I celebrated my first children's day in 2 1/2 years. I never knew that there was a day which is just as special as a birthday. On this day, all the parents will gather to give us - the little ones - special treats and pamper us like princes and princesses!

Here are some fun facts and pictures of my 1st children's day party:-

What's in the goodie bag mommie packed - meiji yogurt biscuits, lollipop, mashmallows, apple juice, florida natural chewys, pencil case, bookmark and stickers

Table with the BIGGEST spread of food - Beetles. That's my class! Daddie contributed a carton of milo and chocolate buns.

Beetles' Favorite Beverage - Tough choice.. it's has to be either the Milo or the strawberry yogurt drink.

Beetles' Favourite food - Lollipops and Pretzels

Adults' Favourite food - Yakitori, compliments of Miu's mommie

New food - Japanese Beans.... it's fun to pop them out of their pod, and it's good to eat!

Food i couldn't finish but wanted to pack home - Popcorn

Number of Daddies who attended the party - 2 (Joel's daddie and my daddy dearest)

Funnest Moment - The magic show

Most touching Beetle moment - Miu's mum giving her farewell speech... and a big beetles' hug for Miu. Bye Miu... Hope you'll like Taiwan as much as Singapore.

Mommie packed pink goodie bags for the girls and blue ones for the boys in my class

Abracadabra..... A magic show

Didn't i tell you Milo was popular. All my friends can't wait to tear the carton open

Miu's mommie cutting a slice of cake for me.

I love lollies

Joel giving Miu a farewell hug.

There was more food than we could finish.


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