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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Joey and the Beanstalk

Last Sunday, while rummaging through Tai Gong's fridge (thank goodness the adults weren't watching!), I found some beans that look just like those in the story "Jack and Beanstalk". I picked a handful of them and stuffed them in my pocket.

Back home, i persuaded mommie that these are no ordinary green beans... but magical ones which will grow right up to the sky and into the Giant's garden! Mommie didn't seem convinced but she helped me plant them on a little plastic tray anyway.

It's Day 3 now and my beanstalks have really grown (only, it didn't look anything like i had imagined). The beanstalks are long and skinny AND definately didn't reach the sky.

Hmmm... I wonder... could these be mini beanstalks? Or maybe I'm the Giant (afterall the cotton wool does look like clouds)? Ok.. i'll wait and see if Jack will climb up the beanstalk and into my world!


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