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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Topsy Turvy Tummy

My tummy went spinning like washing machine last Tuesday night. It was a terrible feeling. Everything that i ate or drank, came out from both ends of me. I've never felt so sick before. On Wednesday morning, when daddie noticed that i looked really lertargic, he decided to send me to the hospital immediately.

At the hospital, the doctors gave me some really yummy grape juice and i drank 4 packets of them. Miraculously, i felt so much better after the drink and a nap. I didn't throw up anymore and my tummy wasn't hurting as badly as it did in the morning.

From then on, the hospital became my playground. I found 2 new playmates - Dora Jie Jie and Barney Jie jie. They are nurses from the hospital who kept me entertained throughout my stay. We played lots of imaginary games such as house visits, driving buses, walking the dog and working in a farm.

Here are some pictures of me taken during my hospital stay...

My guardian angel daddie watching over me

I took a picture of Ah Mak striking a pose...

That's Barney Jie Jie and me. She can sing barney songs too!

Barney Jiejie and Dora Jiejie playing with me. We are pretending to drive a bus

A Dora balloon to cheer me up!


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