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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Road to Recovery

We went on a family outing to Mount Faber with Uncle Mike's family today. Goodie.... i got to meet up and play with Kendra and Edythe again! We got a table next to a pond filled with Kois so while the adults were busy eating, we kept ourselves busy by feeding the fish. I reckoned that the fish here are not as greedy as the ones i saw at Kids Kampong. They neither rush to be fed nor jumped off the water for food.

I also had my first big meal since coming back from the hospital. I gorged myself with ice-cream, apple crumble and scones.. yummy! shhh... don't tell Ah Mak... she still think that i should be on liquid diet for another 2 more months!?

BUT, the highlight of the day was not the fish feeding or yummy food.. It was a cable car ride from the restaurant to sentosa and back! I remembered that the last time i went on a ride, i was only just over a year old (29 January 2005).

The ride was exhilarating... we screamed in joy each time the cable car leaves a station. We waved hello to all the passing cable cars, sang songs and pretended that we were sitting a little rocket just like one in little einstein. It was so fun that by the end of the ride, Edythe didn't want to leave the cable car... Auntie Rosie had to drag her out and boy that made Edythe really mad!

As for me, I sure had a blast of a time today!

It was fun feeding the fish Come fish, here's some food for you

Hey Kendra, shall we come for ride again next time?

Yay! We love to ride on a cable car

The ice-cream is lick'in good!

Hmm.. what shall i eat next?


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