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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Farewell to Indogal

Indogal went back home to be with her mommie yesterday. I put up a brave front at the airport and didn't shed a tear (I can't say the same for mommie though - she was crying buckets!). I gave her a big big hug and a kiss, then waved goodbye to her.

Indogal is going home to continue with her hairdressing course. Hairdressing has been her passion and it was unfortunate that she had to quit halfway through her course coz she had ran out of money - that was when she decided to come to Singapore to work. After 4 years, she has finally saved enough to continue with her course and she hopes to be a boss of a hair saloon someday.

We have lots of fond memories of her. To me, she is my caregiver, my playmate, my hairdresser, my fashion consultant. Someone whom i shared a very close bond with. She took good care of me since the day i was born.

To mommie, she was the perfect confinement lady. The one who knew how to prepare her herbal bath, what confinement dishes to cook and helped to look after her baby. Though Indogal may not be perfect at housekeeping, she was no doubt the best caretaker of her precious baby - that's me! Indogal was also one of mommie's favourite shopping companions. She was able to spot great bargains and often gave mommie good suggestions on what to buy. In more ways than one, Indogal was not just a maid, she was mommie's friend, mommie's greatest helper.

As for Daddie, he'll miss all the nice dishes that Indogal could whip out and how, she would meticulously pack his hockey bag with all items he needed.

Indogal's presence will be sorely missed by everyone in the family but we are nevertheless happy for her. Ah Kong has offered her return trips to Singapore for a holiday and visit me! I hope she takes up the offer, coz we will all be very happy to see her again!


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