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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mida's Touch

Have you ever heard the story about a king, whose touch will turn anything into gold? Well, mommie thinks that Indogal is "blessed" with have that "gift" too! Except........... whatever she touches seems to turn into JUNK!

This claim of mommie's does not go unproven you know... just check out this sample list of items she has broken over the past years (note: this list excludes all other small items like her own shoes and mobile phones):-

1) Glass shelf in mommie's toilet - This was the first thing she broke on her first day of work.

2) The electronic socket in the study - which now spills out of the wall

3) The kitchen door - she claimed that it "suddenly" fell off from the hinges!

4) The toilet door handle - the handle is now reduced to a just a small stump!

5) Turbo broiler no. 2 (this is the replacement which daddie bought and it lasted less than 6 months)

6) Standing steam iron and a regular iron - Indogal said that the bristles of the brush came off while she was ironing. AND.... the regular iron that she used short-circuited the whole house

7) The oven toaster which apparently, ALSO short-circuited the house

8) Almost brand new airpot, which SUDDENLY couldn't dispense water anymore

9) The standing lamp which she tried to clean and broke the stand! She said it has somehow came loose and couldn't be screwed back again!

10) Daddie's wine glasses - this include the red wine glasses, a couple of crystal glasses and the latest..... 2 champagne flutes.

11) AND.... just 2 days ago... our plasma tv went dead after she touched the on/off button. (thankfully, it came back to life after 2 days of "rest"). I wonder if it's a sign that it's overworked from my many hours of cartoon watching?

In the meantime, my folks are holding back on their purchases, until our new maid takes over.


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