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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Little Miss Scatterbrain and my answer to WHY


One day, Daddie got really irritated with my incessant marathon of WHYs and asked me, "Hey, why do you keep asking me why!!??"

Unfazed, i replied "Because, my name is J-O-E-WHY"

Little Miss Scatterbrain

I've been a little miss scatterbrain lately, losing things and forgetting where i've last placed them. Just over the weekend, I've lost my new bracelet, one side of my sandal, my little paper purse and.......... my barbie doll toothbrush.

How I lost my barbie doll toothbrush was really a freak accident! I was holding on to my toothbrush and waiting for daddie to finish his "business". Then, just as daddie was lifting his bum bum off the bowl, i lost grip of my toothbrush and it flew right into the toilet bowl!

Before i could even shout to get daddie's attention, he flushed! And, right before 3 pairs of eyes, my precious toothbrush spiralled down the cistern and disappeared into the sewage highway, never to be found again :(


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