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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Our little escapade to KL

The last time we went on a road trip was more than 3 years ago (read more here). Last weekend, Daddie and Mommie decided to take a drive up KL to meet up with some of Daddie's friends for a BBQ. Thankfully, the journey was smooth and not at all dreadful - although we left Singapore really late because daddie left his bag in Mommie's car and had to go back to collect it.

The BBQ was a washout coz it was pouring in KL, but we were equally satisfied with the homecooked dinner. Whilst Daddie and Mommie were busy catching up with friends and their spouses, i kept myself occupied by playing with the other kids. I get along particularly well with Uncle SK's 2nd son, Robin. Guess, it's because we are closer in age and can therefore communicate better?

Thank you for hosting us, Uncle SK! I'm so looking forward to have you and your family visiting us in March!

A healthy snack to while the time away

The bumpy ride is like a lullaby

That me and my friend Robin. Check out the matching T-shirt!

Having a good time at the amusement centre

Nothing like a friendly competition


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