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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Bad Car Day

Not again! Our poor car just got another bad knock today at the Singapore Repertory Theatre's carpark. Mommie thought she could manuevour the car through a tight corner but her "judgement" didn't quite turn out the way she expected. It scratched the side so badly the side panel came off and part of the plastic was protruding out. The first thing she did was to "confess" to Daddie and half expecting a scolding...... BUT it was not to be.... Apparently, Daddie got into an accident too while on his way to attend Auntie Su Ann's birthday party after buying a cake. His misdeed wasn't as bad as mommie's. The car only suffered some scratches.

Daddie wasn't a good boy though. Unlike mommie (who admitted her mistake immediately), he hasn't told Ah Kong abt the scratches yet. I think he's hoping that Ah Kong wouldn't notice them but that would be rather difficult unless Ah Kong is blind!

Daddie attribute these misfortunes to "Bad Car Day"

Note: I have deliberately left out the pictures for this update coz I'm quite sure mommie doesn't want to be reminded of this painful (to her pocket) episode.


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