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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Happy Birthday, Grand Uncle Kiat

It was supposed to be a "SURPRISE" birthday party for Grand uncle Kiat but, dear Ah Kong let the cat out of the bag and told Grand Uncle Kiat all that "the organising committee" has planned for him. Now we know who we can't tell secrets to.

Yours truly became an incidental member of the Organising Committee when Daddie and Mommie couldn't agree on what cake to get for the party. Daddie wanted his usual chocolate banana while mummy wanted anything BUT that. She's tired of eating the same cake for every birthday celebratiion. Since they were undecided and time was running out, i decided to give my 2 cents worth and interrupted them with "I like Blueberries". So that was it! Problem solved... I picked out a big blackforest cake filled with loads of juicy berries from Secret Recipe. Yummy!

Although the surprise element was no longer there (all thanks to an over zealous Ah Kong), all of us had a great time nevertheless. I think the highlight of the night must be Daddie's funny chicken dance which he suggested to cousin Nikkolette if she wanted more servings of chicken hearts.

Happy TriosShe's my ah mahHappy birthday to yoouuuuuuuu!
Granduncle and Grandniece (That's me!)Daddie and Me doing the chicken dance


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