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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Art Attack and Project Pumpkin

When i wake up every morning, i'll look out of the window praying for clear skies. It has been weeks since the haze set in and i've been confined indoors. I guess Daddie and Mommie figured that i was bored so they asked Nikkolette over to play with me. We thought about what to do and decided that we'll do some finger painting and pumpkin carving.

Well, might as well because Daddie need to practice for the halloween party next week. He's going to demonstrate to my class, the art of pumpkin carving. Mommie's trying frantically to learn how to twist balloons to give out at the party. The end product is not pretty no doubt but if you use a little imagination, they do look somewhat like flowers and swords. Try harder mommie... you have 1 more week to practice for my Halloween Party.

Let's try finger painting Yucky hands!
Daddie carving the pumpkin Not bad for beginners

Daddie and his "project pumpkin"

Country Pumpkin?

Little feet and big foot!

Rainbow fingers.. it's yucky but really fun!

Mommie's balloon creations. The purple canary is done by fatty gramps


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