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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Up, Up and Away!

We've got a surprise today. Fatty Gramps called to ask if we wanted to go on a hotair balloon ride. Apparently, a friend of her's had extra tickets and wouldn't mind giving them to us. Whoppee!! I'll love to go on that big balloon ride! I see that balloon everytime our car drives past the expressway but Daddie and Mommie have never "volunteered" to take me on a ride in it, so I'm certainly not giving up on such a nice offer.

When we arrived, i had a even bigger surprise. It was also a carnival with free pop corn, soft drinks, ice cream and balloon sculpturing. With great food, great fun (and take aways too) ... what a fantastic day it was!

Up close with the big balloon Balloon flower which comes with a little bumble bee too!

All aboard......

Preparing for lift off

Up, up and away

I'm not afraid.. unlike the lady behind daddie

The view straight down from above

Hazy Singapore.


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