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Sunday, October 22, 2006

In Conversation with Joey Khor

In school, we've been learning about jobs and festivals. On festivals, Miss Deena taught us about Deepavali and we did many activties related to this Indian festival. We learnt to dance with the clay lamps which we painted ourselves and sway scarves to the rhytmn of Indian music. We also decorated the "kolam" with coloured rice

On the topic of jobs, Miss Deena created a fruit stall and we took turns to role play fruit seller and buyers. We also pretended to be sailors and rowed our boat across the ocean.

Back home, mommie decided to extend my learnings in school by talking to me about jobs and festivals.....

Mommie: Joey, Happy Deepavali!!
Me: But.... i don't celebrate deepavali...
Mommie: Oh, really?
Me: I celebrate Chinese New Year.

Mommie: Joey, in school you learnt about the things people do at work. So do you know what is Daddie's job?
Me: Hmm.... Truck Driver
Mommie: How about mommie? What is mommie's job?
Me: Hmm.... Bus Driver
Mommie: Then what about you?
Me: Hmm...... Toy Player!

I'm pretending to sell some fruits to Annisa

Raphael is the captain of the ship. We wave bye bye to Kaede after dropping her off at her port of call

Enjoying a "tai tai" lifestyle?


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