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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Preparing for Halloween

We spent a fair bit of time on Saturday to prepare for my halloween party. We've got a big pumpkin for Daddie's pumpkin carving demonstration, black paper and white round stickers for making spiders and a pair of fairy wings to wear to school as part of my fancy dress costume. Granted, the photo on the left looked a tat bit dated... but I'm sure you'll get the idea how i'll probably look like on the actual day of the party.

Now, there are just a few more items to pick up and we'll have all the neccesaries for the party. In case my mommie forgets (she claims to suffer from dementia!), i better jot them down for her.

1) Dot art and glitters for decorating the spiders (To buy from Art friend at Bras Basah)
2) Candies for "trick or treat" from Candy Empire at Millenia Walk
3) 10 little pumkins for painting (Can get them at Cold Storage at Holland Village)
4) Homemade Fancy Cupcakes. (Ordered. Gotta collect them on Thursday night from Woodlands)
5) Some healthy snacks for tea (Possibly from our friendly neighbourhood fruits stalls and Carrefour)
6) Balloons for twisting, Brown paperbags and more construction paper if she wants to make puppet owls (From wholesalers at Concourse??)

Oh gosh.. sounds like we'll have to travel the whole island to get all these done! I hope we'll get them in time for the party on Friday morning! Uh oh... Seems like mission impossible to me...


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