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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Annisa's Birthday Party

Everyone in my class have been really excited! Annisa is having a special birthday party outside school. The Beetles have been bugging (no pun intended) Miss Deena to tell us more about the party all week! We love parties.... the more, the merrier.

Mommie and Daddie knew how much i love parties, so they've decided that it was ok for me to skip my Julia Gabriel lesson just so that i could attend Annisa's party.

If you haven't noticed, the word "Routine" have no place in my household. We like to do things and go places according to our mood. We believe in having mindless "FUN"! AND.... FUN was exactly what i had at the party..

Here are some highlights:-

Let's all blow out the candles togheter!

Pretending to be gingerbread man....

to be rolled over by a GIANT rolling pin!

3 cheers for beetles! (missing from the picture are Bruce and Yishu)

Seeing how much fun the Beetles had, Daddie and Mommie have decided that i will should have a birthday party just like this in December. We've decided on the location... all we need to do now is to book it and send out the invitations. I'm sure the beetles will be thrilled to have another party! Whoopee.... I'm so looking forward to December 30!


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