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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My World of Play Pretend and Imagination

I'm turning 3 soon but in the eyes of the adults, i'm still only a baby! Physically, I'm confined to the things the adults want me to do or places they take me to. BUT! I found out that there was one thing i have total control over and the adults didn't ... It's MY IMAGINATION! In my world of make believe I found absolute FREEDOM. I could pretend to be anything and anyone i want. Sometimes, i'll try to draw them into my imaginary world too....

ACT 1 - Joey, The Great Pretender

Scene 1 - At Vivo City
Grandma: Joey do you enjoy shopping?
Me: *Cough* *Cough*
Grandma: Are you ok?
Me: *Cough* *Cough*
Grandma: Oh No.. i better send you home, you are coughing quite badly.

Scene 2 - Back home
Mommie: Joey are you alright? Ah Mah told me that your cough is bad
Me: *grinning* I was pretending!

ACT 2 - You Can Imagine Too

Scene - At the playground

Daddie: Joey, let's go home, Daddie needs to pee
Me: Ok, let me drive you home (pretend to steer an imaginary car)
Daddie: Joey, can we go home now?
Me: No. Can you pee here?
Daddie: No, Daddie is not a baby, I'm not wearing diapers
Me: But, you can pretend to be a baby!

ACT 3 - The Handsome Prince

Scene - At home

Mommie: Joey do you have a boyfriend?
Joey: I'm not Joey, I'm Princess Erica and Prince Dominic is my boyfriend!


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