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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My First Halloween Party

We had a little halloween celebration in school. All of us came dressed in fancy costumes. Maya, Yishu and Kaede pretended to be witches (Kaede costume's even came with a broomstick!), Kristy was dolled up like a ladybug, Raphael was superman while Yoshiki wore a wizard's cloak AND..... your's truly was dressed up as a ballerina fairy!

Mommie finally succeeded in balloon twisting! All the girls in my class got a stalk of flower while the boys received a sword each. Mommie even made enough for some of the kids in the other class. They were delighted!

We had activities galore. Mommie taught us how to make itsy bitsy spiders and Daddie showed my friends the art of carving a happy face from a little pumpkin. Although we were not allowed to partake in the carving process, we were content with painting them!

Just when our little tummies were starting to rumble, Mommie and daddie brought out trays of yummy food. We had animal cupcakes (which i destroyed when i overturned the box), assorted fruits, mashmallows, yogurt, mash potatoes and fruit juice. The mashmallows were a hit with all my friends....

Daddie and Mommie ended the party in a sweet note (literally)! All of us queued up in a line with our little pumpkin pots and Daddie filled them with loads of chocolaty treats from a large smiling pumpkin.

I enjoyed myself tremendously... and from the faces of my friends, i'm sure they felt the same way too!

More pictures here!


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