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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bali - Back to Nature

Hi Guys,

I'm back from Bali.

This trip was really quite different from the last one to Japan. There was no disneyland or busy shopping streets. Instead, i got to see lots of mother nature's creations. There was the astounding view of the great Indian Ocean, beautiful rice terraces, rolling hills of cornfields, coffee plantation, turtles and even an active volcano!

Mommie was surprised that I was enjoying myself, taking in all the sights and sounds of Bali. I even entertained myself with drawing and singing during mommie's 2 hours spa treatment.

At the art gallery, i spotted a really nice painting of a padifield. I scrutinized it for a long time but Mommie didn't get my "hint". So now, the painting remains hanging in the gallery instead of my living room!

Pity Daddie couldn't join us for the trip, i'm sure he would love the sea sports and the nice pool in the hotel. He promised to join us for the next family holiday though. He's thinking of Bali in October. Hmm... back to Bali again? Well, I'm not complaining :)

Come experience Bali with me, click here for pictures


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