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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Japan - I love it! I love it!

こんばんは! (Good Evening),

Yours truly, the little jetsetter is back after a week long holiday in Japan. There is just too much to share, I'm pretty sure it'll be daylight by the time i finish typing with my littly pudgy fingers. I'll leave you with some facts and figures of my holiday! But, in short, the trip was simply stupendous!

Number of pictures taken - 372
(Mommie complained that her face appeared in less than 10 pictures!)

Length of video taken - 6 hours
(Fatty Gramps complained that she didn't get to see herself in the video much)

p/s: No prizes for guessing who's the photographer and who's the videographer

Number of rides we took at disneyland - 8
(We went on Honey i shrunk the kids 3D show, Peter Pan's flight, Buzz lightyear galaxy", "Starjet", "It's a Small world", "Pooh's Hunny Hunt", "Goofy's bouncy house" and "Roger Rabbit")

Number of ice-creams - 7
(I had one everyday! Strangely enough, my runny nose went away! Maybe an ice-cream a day keeps the doctor away??)

Amount of Popcorn consumed - 2 barrels
(My personal favourite being the banana flavoured one)

Number of days it rained - 2 days
(The rain was so heavy, we couldn't visit the wasabi farm due to road closure. BUT... we made an unexpected stopover at a Premium factory outlet where mommie went bonkers at Gap! Thank goodness too that the rain went away on the day we visited Disneyland! I think my "rain rain, go away" chants must be working!)

Number of times I enjoyed Japanese Onsen (hotspring bath) - 3 (The water was way too hot for me but i'm content with just sitting by the poolside with Fatty gramps splashing hot water on me and rubbing my back... oooooh aaaahhhh)

Places i enjoyed most
Coming in at #1 - Disneyland (no doubt about it!). In 2nd place - the Bullet Train ride (whoosh!), 3rd - Toyota Mega Web where I finally got to sit in the Driver's seat and try out all the cars on display. Well, the rest were sightseeing which i wasn't all that interested)

Japanese words i've learnt - Just 3 words
Too few to hold a conversation with my japanese friends back at school

For more photos, visit

さようなら! (goodbye)

Signing off,
Little Joey Khor aka Mighty Mouth


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