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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Mighty Mouth Speaks

Busy busy... everyday's been busy since we returned from holidays. I went back to school on friday and was happy to see my friends again. In my 3 weeks of absense, i've missed so much - there was the class photo taking, visit to underwater world and the practice sessions for sports day. Yes! Sports day. They have been training to crawl though tunnels and walk on balancing beams. Pity Yoshiki practised hard but couldn't participate. I hear that he has fractured his legs and is now recuperating in Japan. Get well soon, Yoshiki, Beetles miss you!

I overheard mommie telling daddie that perhaps i should stop Julia Gabriel lessons since i've already settled into full day school. Hmm.. i didn't quite like this idea. I'm having fun and am not prepared to stop. So when mommie asked for my preference, i gave her my honest answer. Sorry about your pockets, daddie and mommie.. but it's 2 schools for now!

Mommie: Joey, do you prefer Julia Gabriel or Eton House?
Me! : I prefer Julia Gabriel
Mommie: Then shall we stop Eton House?
Me:!: I like Julia Gabriel... (long pause) and Eton house. I like them both!

Pictures from the 2 schools

Sports Day at Eton House - It's called the Fishing Game

My classroom at Eton House - Putting up a poster on "My Family". See the little girl sitting down? She's my best friend from Taiwan - Kristy.

Julia Gabriel - Can i take a picture of you with this huge antique camera?

Julia Gabriel - Swimming! Love more of these activities.


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