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Friday, November 24, 2006

I Want More Control Over My Life

I've never really enjoyed going to Ah Mak's house coz it's boring. There are no toys and Ah Mak doesn't allow me to play with my favourite playdough. Don't ask me why, but she'll throw the playdough away if i'm caught playing with them.

Today, Ah Mak came and insisted that i go over to her house again. I showed my greatest displeasure by crying buckets and kicking up a big big fuss. But alas, my small little frame was no match for Ah Mak. I was bundled into her car, screaming and crying.... No one came to my rescue. I never felt so helpless.

Back at Ah Mak's house, Cousin Nikkolette found me frantically punching numbers on Ah Mak's home phone and reckoned that I was probably trying to call Mommie and Daddie for rescue. She took pity of me and helped to make a call to my Mommie. I was so glad to hear Mommie's voice.... she promised to pick me up as soon as she finishes work.

On our way home, Daddie made me this offer : "Joey, Daddie will teach you how to use the phone, so you can call us anytime you want"

My response was a short and curt and very desperate "No!". Then, i added "I want you to teach me how to drive home from Ah Mak's house !! "

Daddie, Mommie, you've heard my wishes loud and clear. I rest my case.


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