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Sunday, November 05, 2006

My First DVD Review

Title: Little Einstein DVD

Start the countdown... The mission of Little Einsteins is to take preschoolers (like me!) on exciting musical adventures set in the real world (and inside a few great pieces or art!).

On each adventure, we will help the Little Einsteins team solve an important mission, meet new friends, visit interesting destinations, learn about and make music, and laugh along the way.

What I Love about this DVD:
I enjoy patting on my laps, lift my hands up as high as i can, and help rocket.. BLAST OFF! I feel like a part of the team, helping June, Annie, Quincy and Leo complete their missions.

We have to say "Mission Completion!"

What Mommie Loves about this DVD:
It's educational and makes learning so much fun. Besides, the show keeps me occupied for hours so she and daddie could doze off to dreamland.

Ratings: 5 heads up!

Where to buy:

Where else can you get to watch it:
On Playhouse Disney Channel 34 at 10.30am every Sat and Sun. Or you can loan it from me! I'll be happy to share.

Level of addictiveness:
Fasten your seatbelt and prepare to be glued to the TV screen!


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