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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Shoo Moon Shoo!

Something strange happened today. When we were on our way home from Tai Gong's house, I looked out of the window and found the moon following us! I told mommie to drive as quickly as she could and perhaps the moon wouldn't be able to catch up with us. But i was so wrong! When the car stopped, the moon stopped. When the car moved, it moved along with us too. Nothing we do could shake the Moon off. It was keeping pace with us. So as a last resort, i had to be nasty to the moon and screamed "Shoo Shoo... don't follow us anymore! Shoo go away Moon!"

I think it worked because when we made a turn into our estate, the moon disappeared behind the trees and tall buildings. Phew! I wouldn't know what to tell Daddie if I really brought the moon home!


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