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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Zoo Outing with the Beetles

Each term, Miss Deena would organised an excursion for the Beetles. So far, we've been to the underwater world, a big playground and a crocodile farm. For this term, after much discussion with the parents, she decided on a Zoo trip! I was exhilirated because the Zoo's my favourite place. Next year, our class will be renamed N2 Pearls, so essentially this will be the "last" outing for beetles. Here're a selection of pictures to remember the "beetles" by. More photos here

Beetles eagarly waiting for the tram

All Aboard...

Maya and Me at the Elephant show

Bruce, Me and Maya. We were observing the zoo keeper feed the monkeys

Raphael is the tallest and biggest of the lot.

Waiting to draw lots for the x'mas presents. Yi Shu and Yoshiki at the playground
The gift i drew from the lot Yoshiki is very pleased with what he got.


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