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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

10 Signs that December is here

Although I'm still unable to recite the months from January to December, I know my favourite month - December - is here, when......

10) The Christmas Tree sees the light again after a long stay in the store room (Mommie tells me that the tree hybernates for 11 mths and will "wake up" only in December)

9) I see wrapping paper, ribbons and presents everywhere.

8) I get to meet Santa and his reindeers at the shopping centres.

7) I get to choose A birthday cake. Hmm... I hope it's not too much to ask for A princess castle cake and A dora cake?

6) Food, glorious food..... There seem to be something to celebrate for, every other day.

5) I get to go shopping at concourse where i'll see christmas trees of all colours, beautify decorations and loads of partyware.

4) Parties, Parties and More Parties. The adults always have a reason to party and drink bubbles. Erm.... i'll rather play with bubbles though!

3) Wishes come true...... Thanks for the huge dollhouse, Fatty Gramps :)

2) Daddie and Mommie will fight with me for the choice of music in the car. They like "Deck the Halls", but i'll much prefer my Little Einstein CD with music from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
And the NO. 1 tell-tale sign that December is here
10) I hear this from Daddie "I'm Broke... I'm Broke... I'm Broke..." I wonder which part of him is broken? Maybe i can fix it for him?

Anyway, I would like to wave hello to some lovely people I know, who also celebrates their birthday in December.....


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