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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Bintan Getaway

Fast facts and figures (and some pictures too!) of our Family Holiday!

To Bintan

No. of people who traveled together – 21

No. of people who puked during the boat trip to Bintan – 0

No. of people who turned "green" after the boat trip to Bintan – 21!

What we brought

Total No. of bags - 24

No. of eggs we brought to Bintan– 90

No. of cans of sardine we brought to Bintan – 6

No. of cans of sardine we brought back to Singapore – 6

Where we stayed

No of bungalows – 2 + 1 hotel room

No. of beds in each bungalow – 6

No. of people staying in each bungalow – 9

Time taken to travel from lobby to bungalow in a buggy – 10 mins

Time taken to walk from lobby to bungalow – 4 mins!

Food for thought

Most consumed food – Fish and Chips

Most consumed beverage – Fresh Coconut

Favorite breakfast item – Beef Bacon

Favorite home cooked food – Fried Noodles

Favorite home cooked dessert – Green bean soup

Weather Report

No. of days it rained – 4

No. of days with no activities because of rain – 0 (rain or no rain, it ain’t stopping the family from having fun!)

Man with Funny hairdo after coming back from the windy beach – 1

Estimated wind speed – 30km/h


Favorite indoor entertainment for my uncles and aunties– Scrabble

Favorite indoor entertainment for the "matured audience" - Mahjong

Favorite outdoor activity for my uncles and aunties – Water Pillow Fight

No of Bulls eye at archery game – 2 (Coutesy of Mommie and Uncle Gordon)

Total number of arrows used – 70!

And, like Mastercard says….

Price of ferry tickets - $800

Cost of Accommodation - $2,400

Dinner at Pasah Oleh Oleh - $300

Family togetherness, bonding and having fun – Priceless!

Mommie's cousins... aka my aunties and uncles

Happy Trios!

Uncle Ben, Auntie Charmaine and Family

Let's show some team spirit!

The fun bunch!

PONG! Lai Po looks pleased with her mahjong game

Missing from pic, Uncle Ben and Mommie

Lots of fish in the pond outside our bungalow

How many hands in total? Always a joy riding on Uncle Edgar's shoulders.


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